Writer, Educator, Child of God

About Me


Fun Facts About Me:

-I live in Greene County, Tennessee, where I am a human ping-pong (or an itinerant) English as Second Language teacher in multiple schools in grades K-12.

-I have a cat named Bella who is just as nutty and unusual as I am.

-I have taught in an English camp in South Korea.

-I have studied in France and can critique French politics in French.

-I am currently studying to get my Educational Specialist degree in Reading Education from the University of Tennessee.

-I love to dance.

-I am a nerd when it comes to books.

-I have benefited from and have a great interest in holistic and natural health.

-Between my job and volunteer church work, I have taught or nurtured every age from infancy up into adulthood.

-I tend to take a different perspective on things than most people.

-As much as I like my own plans, I follow the plans of Jesus.