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Bookmarks on a Budget-Or, Emily's Adventure in Creative Promotion

07/11/2012 12:28

Most of you know by now that I recently published my first book. To get the word out there, I decided to create some promotional bookmarks. I initially wanted to get them printed up, but that was a very pricey idea, and plus, I wanted something unique, something that people would not just throw away.


So, I went the homemade route. Each of the bookmarks is different, made by a combination of foam stickers, ribbon, colored cardstock, and rubber stamps. To avoid being pushy, I made the marketing part simple: a label on the back with my website address on it. They're simple, nice and memorable, and easy, even for a non-crafter like me. Here's how to make the different styles:


Polka-Dot Pizzazz


-Black Cardstock, $3.25(sale) for 50 sheets, Joann's Fabric

-Polka Dot Self-Adhesive Tape, $2.99, Target

-Beaded ribbon, $1.75 for 75 yards (clearance), Joann's Fabric

-Arrow Stamp, $.59 (clearance), Michael's

-Silver Stamp Pad, $2.99 (sale), Joann's Fabric


-One-Hole Punch


Cut out strip of paper, approximately 8 1/2 by 6 inches. Put self-adhesive tape around border. Cut hole in top, and place about 10 inches of beaded ribbon. With silver stamp pad, stamp three arrows on front.  You can make about 30 bookmarks using all materials, or make huge numbers of bookmarks if you take away the ribbon and the tape.


Royal Pink and Purple


-Pink Cardstock, part of multi-colored package, $3 (sale), Michael's

-Glitter stickers, part of royal foam kit, $2.99 (clearance), Joann's

-Royal purple ribbon, $1.75 for 75 yards (clearance), Joann's


This is by far the easiest bookmark. No stamping needed! Just cut out a strip of paper, around 8 1/2 by 3 inches. Place stickers on bookmark. Punch hole in top of bookmark and insert around 6 inches of ribbon. Voila! You have a cute bookmark! Stickers last through about 15 bookmarks. The downside is you have a lot of wasted materials from the kit. I intend to use the foam tiaras and alphabet stickers either at school or church.


Easy-Peasy Basic Stamped Bookmark


-Pink Cardstock, part of multi-colored package, $3 (sale), Michael's

-Black Stamp Pad, $3.99, Michael's

-Believe stamp, $.59 (clearance), Michael's

-Heart stamp, $1.99 (clearance), Michael's

-Accent stamp, $.59 (clearance), Michael's


This is the most cost-effective bookmark I did. It is also the quickest; you can whip up one of these in a minute or less. Simply cut out a bookmark template, about 8 1/2 by 4 inches. Then, stamp out each design with the black ink. A pack of paper will take you through about 250 bookmarks, the stamps can last forever, and the ink can last through thousands of stampings. Michael's has a HUGE collection of stamps on clearance, in all kinds of designs. So stamp away!


Happy crafting!


Emily Sherwood is a writer and educator in East Tennessee. Her book,  Daughters of the King: The Single Women of the Bible, is available in both print and e-book format.