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Daughters of the King: The Single Women of the Bible

Daughters of the King: The Single Women of the Bible

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                       Explore the single women of the Bible in this ground-breaking book. Find out more about these captivating Biblical characters through modern-day parallel stories and Biblical commentaries:


Myra (Miriam)-She is a powerful servant of God, who has influenced countless lives through her ministry work. But will bitterness cause her to self-destruct spiritually?


Liddy (Lydia)-She has been super-successful in the business world, but spiritually, she feels lost. How will she respond when she hears the truth of God?


Winnie (The Widow of Zarephath)- She is a desperate single mother who cannot feed her child. But when God sends her help in an unlikely way, is she willing to trust him enough to take it?


Vera (The Widow with the Two Mites)- She is a woman who has fallen on hard times and is living in poverty. When God calls her to take a leap of faith that means giving up all she has, will she obey?


Molly (Naomi)- The tragic deaths of her husband and sons have left her bitter. Will she find hope and help in God?


Annnie (Anna)-A tireless servant of the Lord, she has done the Lord's work her whole life. How will the Lord reward her for her devotion?


Marie and Marty (Mary and Martha)- Two sisters with opposite personalities. One is a go-getter and tireless worker, while the other prefers study and conversation. But which personality does God desire more?


Be inspired by these single women of the Bible.